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10 Essential Windows Phone Apps for Avid Travelers

Traveling around the world sounds (and actually it is) a lot of fun. We are going to discover new attractions, foods, people, and more importantly tasting places. But before we are going on your new adventure, we will have to get a lot of stuff prepared to accommodate the journey until we are back at home, including installing mobile apps.

These mobile apps will help in many ways such as planning on route, finding deals of hotels and flights rate, car rentals or taxi, and places and foods. If you are an avid travelers and a Windows Phone users, following are several essential apps to install before you go.

Hotel Tonight

The first thing you would probably need to do once you arrived at the city or country you are visiting is finding a hotel to stay the nights. Hotels Tonight is an app that will help you find the best hotel rates and makes booking a room easy. This app hand-picked and the list to include only the best hotel to stay. Even more, you can find others customers review and ratings to help on your selection.

Note: Hotel Tonight currently works in this cities: . But the list is growing.

hotels tonight appshot


One of the most popular sites for travel, Kayak, has finally come to Windows Phone with official solution. It brings all the features of the website on your hand. Through the app you can plan your destination, find the best flight rate, as well as book the hotel room of the destination.

kayak app screenshot


Uber brings new experience in car rental. Uber allows you to request a ride or get picked-up. You can select various of vehicles from an SUV to an exclusive Mercedes Benz. Tap, get picked up in minutes, and pay the rate through your mobile phone. No whistling, no waving, no cash needed.

Note: Uber currently works in selected countries. So, check whether you travel destination has been covered.

Easy Taxi

In case Uber does not cover the city of your destination, you can get picked-up with Taxi instead. You can use this app, Easy Taxi, to easily find and reserve taxi near you location and get picked-up in minutes. EasyTaxi works in a number of countries in South East Asia.

Bing Translator

One of the common problems when you are traveling in a foreign country is the language you don’t speak. So, have Bing Translator installed in your Windows Phone. In the case like, you should install Microsoft very own app, Bing Translator. Bing Translator is able to translate both text and voice. It is also equipped with a special lens which you can use to translate directly through camera (see the screenshot below).


Let’s not forget about the best part of traveling. Whenever possible, I recommend to always try new taste and authentic food of new places you are visiting. Zomato is the app you should install on that regard. Zomato will give you recommendation of the restaurant as well as menu in the city.

Note: Zomato currently only works in the selected countries.

Here Explore

Here Explore helps you discover new places to stay, eat, and hangout. Launch the app, and the app will show a number of places around your current location in a floating sign as you are walking around. You can save the places you like within your Favourite box or else share them with friends through social sites.

Note: the app currently only works in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, and France.


Moovit is an app that will help you for traveling with bus or train. The app supports hundreds of metro and stations in many cities worldwide. Through the app, you can check the route map, arrival schedule, and discover the fastest route to take.

I’m Here

This is app can be very helpful in many situations. Just tap and the app will show your location which then you can share to your friends or families that you have arrived safely to your destination. Or else, in case you are traveling with friends and accidentally seperated, use this app to tell them your location.

XE Currency

Traveling abroad means that you will likely have to exchange your money to local currency. Use this app to check the current exchange of any currency worldwide.



Before the GPS, people use stars and compass as their guide on traveling. If you are an adventurer who like to explore forest, jungle, mountains, or places beyond the reach of the Internet, you can install this app to add compass ability to your Windows Phone.

World Prayer Time

Prayer time for Muslim would be different from each countries, particularly of which far above or below the equator line. The prayer time for Muslim is calculated against the Sun position. Use this app to easily figure out the prayer time when you are traveling far to different countries.

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Male Vector Characters Set 2

Male vector characters set that includes a variety of 5 different male characters. These fun and unique vector illustrations are suitable for any web or print project. Grab our freebie now!


Male vector characters set that contains 5 digitally drawn illustrations. Each one is made in a fun and unique style and is different from the rest.

This free set includes male vector character illustrations such as:

  • Presentation Boy Character
  • Creative Boy Illustration
  • Smart Guy Character
  • Presentation Guy Illustration
  • Nerd Character

We have created them with their own backgrounds. This is meant to make your job easier and save you a lot of time, money and effort.

These awesome male vector characters could fit well to any kind of project. You could use them on brochures, PowerPoint presentations, posters, videos and more. The possibilities of use are practically endless.

The free psd set is made of vector objects only. The characters are made into smart objects that are linked to Adobe Illustrator. All you have to do is double click on the object and the vector Illustrator file will open itself. Of course you will need some knowledge with the program if you wish to run the extra mile and customize the characters.

Go ahead and grab our freebie now by clicking the “Free Download” button.

Need more free illustrations for your projects? Then be sure to check out our vector characters section and pick whatever you like.

Male Vector Characters Set 2

Male Vector Characters Set 2

Resolution: 900×1012px
File Format: PSD
File Size: 1.47 MB
Number of Items in Set: 5
Author: Free PSD Files

Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Links to download page or download archive are not allowed.

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Web Developers: 10 Best Podcast Channels You Need To Subscribe To

Web development is a fast ever-changing industry. To stay in the loop, you have to constantly stay informed with the latest and greatest, and one of the best way to do this is by subscribing to a podcast. Podcast or Podcasting is a fascinating medium to get information and news especially for times like when you’re commuting to the office or having a run at the gym.

Some channels may come in audio only while others with videos. Since it is common to have a smartphone or tablet with us, enjoying a podcast is real easy these days. You just need to obtain the RSS URL and add it to the app and the app will grab the latest episode for you. Some podcasts are also available on iTunes. Alternatively, you can use:

Now that you have your means, let’s check out the content, shall we? Here are the podcast channels to subscribe to to stay in the game as a web designer.

Responsive Web Design Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Ethan Marcotte – the developer who coined the term Responsive Web Design – and Karen McGrane. At the time of this writing there are 14 episodes released. On each episode Ethan and Karen interview designers and developers who implement responsive web design on notable company websites such as Marriot, Virgin, and Starbucks. You can dig into the guest’s experiences and the challenges of implementing responsive design for corporate sites.

ShopTalk Show

One of the most popular web design podcasts, hosted by Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Dave of Paravel, ShopTalk invites an expert in various fields to talk to for each episode. They currently have more than 100 episodes already, and counting, and podcast releases are on a weekly basis.

The Web Ahead

The Web Ahead is a podcast hosted by Jen Simmons. The podcast is largely an interview of invited experts – like Paul Irish, Eric Meyer, and Ethan Marcotte – to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects including HTML5, Web Standards, and Responsive Web Design. Listeners get a new release every week, and each episode is on average an hour long.


Paul Boag a well-respected name in the web design industry. He is an author who has released a number of bestselling books and is a founder of the UK-based design agency, Headscape. Boagworld has been on air since 2011 with more than 100 episode, making it one of the longest-running podcast channels in the industry. You can subscribe to Boagworld through RSS or through iTunes.


Giovanni DiFeterici and Gene Crawford are the guy behind Drafts, the show that talks about many things online including web design trends, concepts, web standards, and technicalities about crafting websites. The 15-minute episodes keep things short and sweet. One of my favorite episodes of this show is Native vs. Web, which touches on the pros and cons of using native platform code (Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android) vs using HTML/CSS when creating a mobile application.


Featuring Matt McInerney, Andy Mangold, and Dan Auer, this podcast discusses broadly about design fundamentals and principles. They have great material for web designers and episodes come out on a weekly basis. You can subscribe through iTunes, RSS, or follow their SoundCloud channel to enjoy the show.

User Interface Engineering

User Interface Engineering (UIE) is a consulting firm specializing in web user interface and usability. Alongside trainings and events, UIE also holds a free podcast weekly in which Sean Carmichael, the host, and his expert guests converse about user interface, user experience and anything in between.

The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show is hosted by the Jeffrey Zeldman, a founder of A List Apart, and the one dubbed as the King of Web Standard by BusinessWeek. The topics talked in the show covers web design, typography on the web, web publishing, and many things. It is one podcast that you should subscribe if you are really into web development.


Hosted by Bobby Solomon and MediaTemple creative director, Jon Setzen, TheBuildUp features light conversation between the two about various topics on designs, typography, art, news and tech. Episodes are released once every two weeks, and so far there are 9 episodes you can check out. This podcast is currently only available through RSS but there are plans to make it available on iTunes.

The East Wing

The East Wing is hosted by Tim Smith. It features anything about the Web and Internet. Aside the recorded podcasts, you can also enjoy the show through live streaming; make sure to check the schedule for when new episodes will be aired. The podcast is available through iTunes, RSS feed and Pocket Casts.

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7 WordPress Themes to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Website

Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding without the hassle and red tape delays. All you need to do is create your product, and play with your creativity while you’re at it. Today, there are many great many ideas that came to be with the help of crowdfunding. Pebble had its start there, raising million from more than 68,000 backers, way before smartwatches got the same treatment from the giants.

Most people would take their projects straight to these popular crowdfunding sites, but if you want to run your personal crowdfunding campaign on your own website though, you can, with WordPress.

WordPress is extensible through themes and plugins, and crowdfunding is one of the many features you can give your site. Here we have put together 7 WordPress themes that are you can build a crowdfunding website with.

1. CrowdPress

When talking about crowdfunding we cannot overlook this particular theme. CrowdPress is a theme built by IgnitionDeck, which has recently acquired WordPress’ first crowdfunding plugin called Fundify. This theme integrates very well and works out of the box with Fundify. Building and running your website takes just minutes.

Demo | Get this theme ()

This theme provides almost everything you need for a crowdfunding site. You can start create campaigns by filling up info about the campaign description, amount goal, campaign period, and make reward levels based on the amount of donations. What’s interesting is that with this theme, users can make they own campaign and submit it to your site.

2. Franklin

Franklin is an elegant WordPress theme which seamlessly integrates with plugins like Easy Digital Download (EDD) and a crowdfunding plugin by Astoundify. Note: Astoundify crowdfunding plugin was just removed from the WordPress.org plugin repository, but the theme author will develop a new plugin which will replace it. In the meantime, you can still download the crowdfunding plugin from this repository in Github.

Demo | Get this theme ()

With this themes, you can create as many campaigns as you want. Visitors can see your campaign, the description, how much money you want to raise, current funds raised and total backers. Aside from EDD, this theme also supports WPML plugin which allows you to easily translate the theme for other International languages.

3. FundingPress

FundingPress is a theme for building crowdfunding sites similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Users will be able to create their own campaign from the frontend. It is easy to use and users can easily monitor the progress of their campaign. This theme also handles the funding process.

When a pledge is made, the admin will be able to see who made the pledges. We can also set whether the campaign will accept all the funds made regardless of whether the campaign reaches the funding goal or not.

Demo | Get this theme ()

4. GIG

GIG is a WordPress theme aimed for musicians and bands. This theme can be integrated with the IgnitionDeck Premium plugin to turn it into a crowdfunding website. Users can support your project on some level of payment with different reward as you specify. As in the original features of ignitiondeck, users can pay via paypal, as well as others payment gateway.

Aside of that, GIG comes with a number of facilities that makes it customizeable – you can easily change the color scheme to limitless colors, pages can each have their own unique sidebar, and it is also responsive which makes it looks good in both desktop and mobile devices.

Demo | Get this theme ()

5. Mission

Mission is a church theme that offers all the things features like podcasting, calendars, online commerce, and fund-gathering. Like GIG, this theme uses the IgnitionDeck Plugin to enable crowdfunding functionality.

Need to start a fundraiser? Create a project title and description, determine the amount you want to raise, add a touch of video or images to showcase the purpose of the fundraising, then publish to start raising funds.

6. Be Human

Running a crowdfunding campaign does not necessarily have to be for commercial purposes only. We can adopt crowdfunding to help raise awareness of human causes. This is what this theme, Be Human, is created for. It is designed for charities and non-profit organizations.

The theme supports the IgnitionDeck plugin, so on top of creating new campaigns, you get features to choose to take the money immediately, or after your goal is reached, and also to accept payment through Paypal as well as other payment gateways.

Demo | Get this theme ()

7. Fundit

If you are an artist, a musician, or a film maker you probably will love this theme, Fundit. This is specifically designed for professionals who need to raise funds for arts or music projects. It’s a simple single-page theme with the corwdfunding facilities built-in.

Users can easily choose how much money is going into your campaigns or projects, and what they get, before proceeding with their payments. You can use the funds raised overall, even if funding does not reach 100 percent.

Demo | Get this theme ()

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40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

Complete UIs and elements, textures and brushes for Photoshop, HTML templates, background designs, icons, fonts and tools make our lives as designers and developers easier, saving us the time we would otherwise be spending on creating them.

Fortunately, around the world, there are many creators willing to share their work for free allowing the rest of us to use them. Here is the third collection of freebies and goodies available for web designers. If you would like to check out our earlier collections, follow the links:

Should you find that these freebies have helped you in one way or another, do consider donating to these creators or supporting them in other forms of appreciation for all their hard work.


PSDs & Templates

Flat Infobox Layered PSD

Flat infobox layered psd

Colorful Business Card in PSD Format by al rayhan

Colorful business card in psd format

Tinyone: PSD One Page Template by Tommy Ngo

Tinyone: psd one page template

LinkedIn Redesign GUI Kit PSD by Pontus Wellgraf

Linkedin redesign gui kit psd

Random UI Elements in PSD by Tyler Gross

Random ui elements in psd

Bootstrap Style Homepage PSD Template

Bootstrap style homepage psd template

Flatter: A Free PSD GUI, HTML & Bootstrap Template by Tranquilobock

Flatter: a free psd gui, html & bootstrap template

Free Sable Kit 2 in PSD, EPS and AI

Free sable kit 2 in psd, eps and ai

ANTARKTIDA Free Sports PSD Template Vitaliy Kudelevskiy

Antarktida free sports psd template

Medical PSD Flat Theme

Medical psd flat theme

Free Flat UI PSD Kit

Free flat ui psd kit

Strict Portfolio PSD Template

Strict portfolio psd template


Big John – Slim Joe Free Font by Ion Lucin

Big john - slim joe free font

Moka Stylish Outline Typeface by Liz Withers

Moka stylish outline typeface

Aqua Grotesque Typeface by Laura Pol

Aqua grotesque elegant typeface

Azedo Bold and Light Typeface by Pedro Azedo

Azedo bold and light typeface

Jaapokki Free Modern Font by Mikko Nuuttila

Jaapokki free modern font

FRINCO: Free Fancy Font by Ryan Pyae

Frinco: free fancy font

Cosmo Path Free Outline Typeface by filiz sahin

Cosmo path free outline typeface

Ribbon OpenType Display Face by Dan Gneiding

Ribbon opentype display face

PIROU Free Stylish Font by Quentin Grébeude

Pirou free stylish font


30 Vector Icons for IOS (Pay with a Tweet)

Vector icons for ios

12 Vector Abstract Flower Line Icons

Vector abstract flower line icons

Gamecenter Icons Pack in PSD by Alexey Anatolievich

Gamecenter icons pack in psd

SVG Icons: Ready to Use SVG Icons

Svg icons: ready to use svg icons

Pure CSS Flat Social Icons Code Snippet by Steven Roberts

Pure css flat social icons code snippet

Stackicons: Multipurpose Icon Fonts by Parker Bennett

Stackicons: multipurpose icon fonts

100 Touch Gestures Icons in PSD, AI, EPS, PNG and SVG by Jeff Portaro

100 touch gestures icons in psd, ai, eps, png and svg

Web Design Icon Set in PSD, PNG and AI by Dimitrios Pantazis 

Web design icon set in psd, png and ai


9 Free Business Card and Tablet Mockups by Tomasz Mazurczak

9 free business card and tablet mockups

Nexus 6 PSD MockUp by Litvin Vladislav

Nexus 6 psd mockup

Business Card Mockup Volume 5

Business card mockup volume 5

Free IPhone 6 Photorealistic Mockups

Free iphone 6 photorealistic mockups


ToIcon: Icon Search Tool

Toicon: icon search tool

Mailchimp Email Design Guide

Mailchimp email design guide

Pencil Project: An Open-Source GUI Prototyping Tool

Pencil project: gui prototyping tool

Dribbble App Material Design for Sketch by Soumya Ranjan Bishi

Dribbble app material design for sketch

UI Kit Inspired by Android L by Vitaly Chernega

Ui kit inspired by android l

25 Free Watercolour Circle Textures in JPG & PNG by Chris Spooner

25 free watercolour circle textures in jpg & png

8 High Resolution Texture Mix Pack by Gabor Monori

8 high resolution texture mix pack

1000 Combinations of Flat Vector Robots

1000 combinations of flat vector robots

7 High-resolution Polygon Backgrounds

7 high-resolution polygon backgrounds

Photoshop Text Effects Version 1

Photoshop text effects version 1

Brush Set for Photoshop by Matt Heath

Brush set for photoshop

Editor’s note: This post is written by Juan Sarmiento for Hongkiat.com. Juan is a designer and developer, founder of iconShock.com, DesignShock.com, ByPeople.com and TemplateShock.com