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Web Design And Hosting

There are a lot of web design Singapore on the internet that are either finished or under
development. Would you like to have your own website? Do you know the best options
concerning Singapore web design and hosting?

First, you need to determine your reasons for wanting a website. Is it for
business, personal or for other purposes such as sharing your opinion? Once
you have determined the purpose for your site, you will get a clearer vision
on the type of web design company singapore and hosting you will need. If you have the skills,
you can design your own. However, another great option is to hire someone to
design and develop your website for you.

If you decide to hire someone, you will need to consider your budget. You can
post an ad on a classified Singapore web design or on a freelance bid site. This is often
a good way to make sure your project stays within your budget. You can also
ask around. Contact people whose websites you admire, and see if they’ll offer
you any advice or ask your friends and family if they know anyone.

Once you have the web design aspect of your site taken care of, you will need
to consider your hosting options. Some web designers also offer hosting as part
of their packages. You can find a company online or ask around. Just do a search
on “web hosting” to find the companies. Check out the review sites
to see what people think of the different companies.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but it is worth it to consider all your
web design and hosting options before making a decision. Once your site is active,
you can start to reap the benefits and have the personal satisfaction of sharing
your information, opinions or business with others over the Internet.

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How to Become a Successful Freelance Web Designer

With all the millions of sites present on the web, one would think any talented Singapore web design would have a stream of never-ending clients.

More often than not, web designers discover they are entering a highly competitive industry where their primary competition are business owners themselves, who, armed with a software program or two, often brave the world of web design Singapore on their own. The results are often scary. Professional and skilled designers must position themselves in such a way that other small business owners realize how important it is to present the best visual presentation to their prospective customers.

With all the millions of sites present on the web, one would think any talented web designer would have a stream of never-ending clients. More often than not, web designers discover they are entering a highly competitive industry where their primary competition are business owners themselves, who, armed with a software program or two, often brave the world of web design company singapore on their own. The results are often scary. Professional and skilled designers must position themselves in such a way that other small business owners realize how important it is to present the best visual presentation to their prospective customers.

The key for new Singapore web design is not becoming frustrated with what is an inevitability for those of us that target other small businesses-small business owners will often forgo your services to save and more often than not the results are either disastrous or just sophomoric.

Instead, form a solid marketing plan to attract new clients and to convince business owners why they should choose you instead of launching an amateur site. You’ll find that the owners that opt for professional design take their business seriously and are often easier
to work with than those that expect great design for free.

Attracting business owners to your site can be difficult. Most likely, your new clients will come because they’ve visited your site time and time again. Make sure your site offers content that will facilitate repeat traffic. Below are some tips to keep a continuous flow of traffic to your site:

Offer free advice on your web site.
Offer templates for those unlikely to spend money on a customized site.
Offer free graphics, such as buttons or images.
Offer complementary small business services.
Offer affordable package ideas for financing.

Building relationships is important in service businesses but particularly for web design businesses that must prove they are  reliable as well as qualified. In order for you to build an established solid client base that will continuously come back and refer others,  they must feel they can trust you. Do good work, be as helpful as you can, and think past business.

If you follow the tips above and you are still having trouble attracting new clients, reevaluate your own site design. Are there  special discounts you can offer? How strong is your portfolio? You may want to talk with other professionals and have them review your site.

Another great option is to complete three to seven products for non-profit organizations that interest you. These pro-bono projects could help you build your portfolio and provide credibility to your new web design business.

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Some Thoughts to Keep in Mind when Working with Your Web Designer

All Singapore web design should start with a unique design concept, effective visual appeal,
and most importantly, search engine readiness in mind. When the design is complete,
you should have a powerful marketing tool with a blend of custom graphics, banners,
and logos that represent your business effectively in cyberspace. Following are
some thoughts you should keep in mind while you are working with your web designer.

1.) A company’s website should be an integral part of its marketing campaign,
and should create an online presence utilizing the search engines. Ensure that
you reach this goal by building a fully optimized, and “search engine-ready”
website using unique optimization techniques. Making sure your pages and web
site are search engine friendly before you go live is essential. Having a well
designed, effective web site that cannot be found by the search engines is almost
like not having a web site at all. In other words, “save your money.”

2.) A website, while being an information portal, must also act as the marketing
arm and entice visitors to visit again and again. A company’s website should
serve as a community, develop brand loyalty, position your company as “experts”
in their field and nurture a long-term relationship that will turn a regular
visitor into a valued customer.

3.) More and more web sites are going the dynamic route – a trend indicating
that in the near future, database driven sites are going to become the norm.
This is due to the fact that updating content for large sites is becoming more
and more difficult and impractical. Make sure your web design team has experience
designing dynamic web sites using ASP, or Cold Fusion technology; Microsoft
Access for simple databases; Microsoft SQL; and Oracle for complex sites. If
you update your company’s products often, tell your web designer you want to
include a content management system that allows you to change content on-the-fly.

4.) Look for a web design Singapore that incorporates value in their approach. Don’t
let your design team just throw jargon out and ask you to make sense out of
it; look for a team that will listen to your processes and your business needs
in order to increase their understanding and make recommendations for your site
that will ease your business processes.

5.) The web design company singapore is the most important component to achieving the site
you want; however site owners should be proactive. Look on the net for existing
sites that match your company’s direction and needs. Don’t feel that your site
needs to be the pinnical of web sites. It is fine to get ideas…not copy!…
from similar design functions from existing web sites that meet your business
objectives. In other words you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”.

6.) Because there are a plethora of web design firms, you can narrow your choice
by asking to view their portfolio. This portfolio should contain some of the
best work a design firm has done. Paying close attention to the portfolio will
provide you a benchmark for determining the style, quality and content of sites
created by the web designer. You can tell by the products or services offered
on these sites if the site has indeed been designed with the right content,
navigation, and creative elements that fit the companies’ profiles. Pay even
closer attention to the navigation. It should be very easy to maneuver around
the sites.

7.) Don’t let your Singapore web design convince you to have a Flash intro page where a
surfer can either view the intro or skip it. Most times the surfer will skip
it….right on to the next site! Remember; make the experience as easy as possible.

Keep in mind that your web site should include usability, functionality, navigation,
content and information. These are just as, if not more important, than the
overall appearance of your web site. Factor these components into your web design,
in addition to search engine ready pages, and you will go a long way to achieving
your goals for your web site.

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Web Designing (Imagination at work)

Quality isn’t something you apply to a finished web site like wood sealer on a
new deck: a good site has quality designed in and built in.

Web designing is the design of a web page, Singapore web design or web application. Basically
it focuses on building the front-end of a web page. There are two basic aspects
to any web page found on the Internet. The first is a presentation that the
user interacts with and the second is the back-end that includes information
for non-human browsers.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the basic markup language which tells
a browser how to present information. A stricter version of HTML is also widely
known as eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML). A web designer is able
to tell a browser how a web page should appear by using HTML or XHTML. It is
gaining popularity in both short and long term as time progresses.

The act of web design Singapore can be quite difficult from the technical point of view
as it has a number of variable factors. All browsers do not interpret HTML according
to the standards created by the standard-setting body, which is known as the
World Wide Web Consortium or WWW. It means that the same piece of web design
may appear completely different in different browsers. So numerous fixes and
workarounds has to be done to avoid browser-specific bugs.

Another problem which may arise in the web design company singapore is the abundance or plethora
of formats in which a sight might be viewed in. In this regard a web designer
must account for different monitor sizes, displaying different settings. So
a web designer needs to work really hard in order to make a web page attractive.
They should also create a layout static enough to allow for the use of images
and other necessarily fixed-size components.

In addition there are some popular languages which are used for dynamic web
design which includes ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion. Mention should also be made
of Macromedia’s Flash which is popular amongst many Singapore web design.

The scope for web designer is virtually limitless. With the arrival and pliable
of Flash and other embedded technologies, it is allowing for a versatility and
dynamism amongst the web designer in challenging their imagination.

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Web Design that is Screen Resolution Friendly

Surfing the web always brings up a swath of different problems all based on the
different settings implemented by the web design Singapore in their signature Singapore web design.
Among these problems is a major one that has to do with the screen resolution
settings of all the different visitors who may visit any given web design. When
it comes to screen resolution, it doesn’t matter how perfect and beautiful the
web design may be, it is very frustrating when a viewer either cannot see the
images or text properly, or the viewers have to scroll to the side to see the
rest of what the site has to offer. It is truly annoying when the width of the
site doesn’t fit within the width of a visitor’s monitor’s screen size.

The reason for this is that many older monitors – frequently VGA monitors –
have a maximum of 640×480 pixels that they will support. There area also many
visitors to your website who have older video cards. This means that no matter
how good their monitor and your website, they simply will not be able to handle
higher resolutions. You will need to keep this in mind when you are creating
a web design company singapore for a large target audience. After all, you will want the maximum
number of people possible to be able to easily and clearly read and view your

So why is it that Singapore web design continue to write for such large screen resolutions
– such as 800×600 and 1024×768 when it means that they’ll be sending so many
people away from their sites due to the inability to read them or being frustrated
from having to scroll sideways all the time? Actually, there are quite a few
reasons to explain this web design pattern. For one, there are likely quite
a number of web designers who don’t even realize the issue that they are creating.
Similarly, there are those web designers who don’t care that some people will
not be able to enjoy their websites. Also, we must consider that some web masters
have recognized that their target audience are typically equipped with high
screen resolution capabilities, and therefore are simply catering to their desired

It is indeed hard to believe that there are some web designers out there who
can call themselves professionals and not understand the way that the different
technologies used by their viewers will be impacted by the web designs that
they create. It is hard to believe that a supposed “expert” may not
recognize that their web designs won’t look the same on every computer. Of course,
web designers can’t always be blamed, since they often have the latest technologies
to make their work more pleasant and professional. However, it is up to them
to understand that the majority of the internet using world is not using state-of-the-art
technologies. These web designers are only trying to put out the most impressive
looking visuals for a website.

When it comes to those web designers who know that not everyone will be able
to see their website properly, but they just don’t care are the most likely
to lose the highest number of visitors. Any graphic larger than 600 by 620 pixels
will definitely create a horizontal scroll bar for several website visitors.
This is frustrating to visitors who have to scroll in order to read each line
of text. Navigation also becomes a struggle because menus may become partially
or entirely hidden as the rest of the content is viewed. Furthermore, if the
viewer doesn’t realize that the horizontal scrollbar has appeared, they may
simply assume that the site is not finished, that it has errors, or that there
is nothing additional to see. If the webmaster simply doesn’t care, they’re
turning away an awfully large number of people who could be potential clients,
part of a potential network, or even contributors.

When the webmaster has recognized that the primary audience of the site has
higher screen resolutions, it is quite natural to create a website design that
caters to that resolution. While they will usually meet the standard, making
certain that a viewer of 640×480 can still see the vital information on the
site, the entire itself will have been optimized for their main target audience.
This is an extremely professional way to function because it avoids creating
problems of viewing the site no matter what the client, and it still gives the
most accurate settings for the equipment used by the main visitors.

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How To Choose A Web Designer

A little while back I had a bit of a discussion about a certain profession that
I will not mention here in case someone from the industry in question takes it
the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, every major profession is there for a reason
and adds a tremendous amount of value to society. The fact of the matter is that
every industry and profession has good aspects and bad. When you think of a doctor,
lawyer, architect, accountant, etc, you tend to have a personal frame of reference,
as well as a more widely held stereotype. There are usually some aspects of that
profession that irritate you, or that you think could do with some improvement.
Perhaps you don’t make use of certain professional services because of these perceptions,
whether or not they are commonly held or based on fact.

That got me thinking about my own industry, and what it is about the internet
consulting and Singapore web design and development industry that drives people nuts,
and that if things were different, people would utilize these services more
often. What would people change about the industry if they had a magic wand?
What would you do differently if you were, for example, a web developer, to
differentiate yourself?

These are some of the things I have been told hold people back when discussing
this topic with some small businesses:

Web design Singapore and development is too expensive for the average small business

– Apprehension over how qualified an internet professional really is

– There is too much jargon in the industry, which makes it confusing to assess
as a non-technical business person

– There is a shortage of internet programming skills relative to web design company singapore
skills in the industry

Personally, my big wish is that a certain level of qualification (a degree
combining computer science, design and business) was a requirement to practice,
the same way that older professions are required to, like accountants, doctors,
lawyers, etc. The low barrier to entry makes it difficult for businesses to
distinguish experts from hobbyists. Imagine having to choose your doctor based
on what he tells you he knows how to do for you!

So, how then does one assess a potential internet partner, who can and should
be a long-time partner in the online success of your business? Here are some
things to look at carefully when choosing a Singapore web design, web developer, internet
business consultant, or related service provider, from my experience:

Technical and business qualifications and experience. Is the business comprised
of an inexperienced person with a web design hobby, or has the business got
people with tertiary level business, programming and design skills in-house?
Make sure they have real-world business experience in developing e-commerce
solutions, and look into how far back that goes.

What online business applications has the business developed previously, and
how does this match your requirements? Some web design businesses will give
you a very nice looking static brochure site, while others will be able to offer
advanced functionality, such as a database and content management capabilities,
e-commerce functionality, internet business consulting services, site promotion,
site management, hosting, domain registration, design, application development,
site optimization, newsletter systems, form processing capabilities, logging
of user activity, online surveys and polls, user registration and authentication,
advertising management, content syndication, and the like. Check how many of
these are optional extras an how many are included in the price you are quoted
up front. You should always get a detailed proposal up front, and compare apples
for apples rather than being too subjective initially. My business, for example,
differentiates by bundling over 250 enterprise-level applications into our small
business package, at a lower price than most web designers will charge just
for the design and some basic functionality.

Long term cost/benefit. What is it going to cost you the next time you need
to make a modification? I’ve never yet come across a successful website that
was designed and left as it was created on day one. Your site needs to change
with your business, so make sure you know how you will be billed for those changes,
and what the time frame for them will be. Every site also has hosting, bandwidth
and maintenance costs that most people don’t think of when first creating a
site. Look into what these will be, and what you get for them, so that you can
budget for them when starting your project. Also keep in mind that a cheap solution
with one or two features will probably not serve you as well as a slightly more
expensive one with extensive built-in capabilities.

Personal style and preference. Different businesses will bring different styles
and methodologies to the party. Make sure that the one you go with suits your
personal preferences. If your internet specialist loves graphic-intensive Flash-based
sites, they will probably develop your informative content-based solution, just
not as well as someone who specializes in your preferred style.

Online promotion. Make sure that the business you choose is good at promoting
their own online presence. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the three most popular
search engines, so make use of them when choosing a provider. If you are looking
for a web developer in your local area, search for the terms you find most important
and include the name of your area. For example, I optimize my services for the
Joondalup area of Perth, Western Australia, so a search for “web design
Joondalup” or “web development Joondalup”, or many other internet-based
services, brings me to the top when people are searching for local service providers.
An internet business that is no good at promoting itself online will be worse
at helping you get yours up to full potential.

Satisfaction guarantees. No website can make a flawed business model work,
but an online expert should be able to help you make it everything it can be
over time, much the same way a personal trainer can’t make you fit overnight,
but they can help you become a top athlete with focused ongoing attention. Find
out what guarantees, if any, are provided. This is a real differentiator, because,
understandably, many web design businesses won’t do this. Those that do are
at least serious and confident in their abilities to ensure that their clients
are happy and successful.

Management of expectations. Any internet business that claims excessive short
term success rates is probably overselling themselves. Make sure that they (and
you) are realistic about the time frames in which your online presence will
start producing results.

Consulting skills. Make sure that you are dealing with an internet consultancy,
not just a web design house. Experienced internet consultants have the business
experience to help you make your business successful online in ways a web designer
will probably not.

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Web Designer: Professional vs. Amateur

There are as many “For Business” amateur Singapore web design as there are
professional ones. This article will help you weed them out in no time. First
and foremost a professional web designer provides the following services to their

Completely builds the site with organized content in a contemporary design
layout that’s user friendly.

Implements up-to-date Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Provides full site maintenance for client.

Updates the site on a regular basis.

Redesigns the site every 8 to 12 months with new content and layout.

Provides hosting services or finds a reliable hosting company for client.

Continually researches client’s type of business for online compatibility with
offline business practices.

Keeps client abreast of innovative online business solutions that best fits
their type of business for continued success online.

What an amateur web designer offers their client:

Often web design Singapore a site similar to other sites in the same business category,
prefers to place important content all over the page in an unorganized layout
that’s not user-friendly or may provide clients with online web building tools
to do it themselves.

Implements out-dated Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Provides little maintenance or trains client on how to update content themselves.
Often referred to as the “CUT AND PASTE TUTORIAL” service.

Does not provide their regular clients any redesign services . . . they seem
to have no conception as to why a site once built, needs new content and layout
for “repeat visitor” convenience.

Mostly provides hosting and or web design company singapore services that includes paid training
services in advertising and promotion of web site.

There is also a distinct difference in how a professional web designer advertises
their business as compared to an amateur. A professional designer …

Always lists services available stating that they are a partnership-with-client
orientated business.

Does not use scare tactics in their ads such as: “Did you know that there
are limited options available for getting your business online!” or “Some
other web designer may take your site down for no reason” or “Your
Singapore web design may be hurting your online success!”

Has a company name that does not rely on metaphors from outside the web design
business such as “Your Website Doctor” or “Your Website Co-Pilot”
to try to gain your confidence.

Does not need to offer discounts on services or provide special offers.

One sure thing about a professional web designer is that they get the right
type of client that needs and wants their services. Amateurs will take anyone.
To be perfectly blunt … professional web designers have no competition. There’s
not even the slightest competition with online companies that offer web building
tools or web site generators. Why? One look at at a site built by a non-skilled
individual using such tools will convince you.

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