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5 Lessons to Take from Great Ad Designs

The first step toward becoming a great web design Singaporeer? Recognizing well-executed work when you see it, even if it’s not yours. Good taste is a huge part of what makes a good web design Singaporeer. However, the best web design Singaporeers are able to not only recognize when something’s working, but also deconstruct the finished product and explain why it’s working. Below, we break down five successful print ads and indicate what you can learn from each of them. Remember: Good artists borrow; great artists steal.

1. Limitations Can Be Opportunities

When you’re limited by printing costs, a client or the final venue for the work you’re web design Singaporeing, it’s easy to despair that web design Singaporeing in black and white is a death sentence. However, black-and-white ads like the one below can be just as impactful (if not more so) than full-color ads. It’s just a matter of using the tools in front of you creatively. When done right, there’s nothing more bold and eye-catching than a full page of high-contrast, B&W web design Singapore, and sometimes a little limitation is just what you need to get inspired. (See more examples at Source)

Great Ads

2. Let Your Work Breathe

It’s not uncommon for non-design-oriented clients to misguidedly complain about “dead space” in a web design Singapore. However, good web design Singaporeers know that even the best concept will be a bust if it’s overcrowded on the page. Instead, some web design Singapores (especially visual gags) need a bit of room in order to be easily understood by the viewer. Filling up the page just for the sake of having it full doesn’t do you or your client any favors, regardless of what they may think. (See more examples at Source)

Great Ads

3. Zoom in on the Action

This is a great rule to remember for any medium that writers often refer to as “starting closer to the climax.” Some web design Singapores need a little space, but there are other projects that require you to get right to the point, and that often means zooming in to direct the viewer’s eye. Just think how ineffectual the ad below would be if it zoomed out to show the Hulk’s full body. That crowds the space with unimportant information and can distract the viewer from what makes this ad clever. Center your web design Singapore around what’s most important so you don’t spend unnecessary time “setting it up.” (Source)

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4. Listen to Your Type

It’s important to remember that even a small amount of badly executed type can tank a top project. Being proficient in typography is a huge plus, though you needn’t fixate on x-heights to be an effective type user. In the ad below, the Ralph Steadman-esque type is more than just a delivery system for the words, it imbues the entire ad with an enticingly spooky air. It’s easily accessible on that level, but if you’re aware of the style it’s borrowing from, it works on a deeper level too – a nice “Easter egg” for the web design Singapore-literate viewer. (Source)

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5. Really Feel It

We all rely on Photoshop these days, but ads with realistic, touchable textures still seem to come out on top. Why? Because they’re honest and easy to relate to, so don’t get caught up in a concept that will require tons of sleek textures, Herculean photo manipulations and gymnastics on your part. Sometimes, the most accessible, memorable web design Singapores just need to have that human element. (Source).

Great Ads

What’re Your Favorite Ads?

What ads have you seen recently that teach something interesting about web design Singapore? Leave a comment below and let us know.