Web design

Web Designing (Imagination at work)

Quality isn’t something you apply to a finished web site like wood sealer on a
new deck: a good site has quality designed in and built in.

Web designing is the design of a web page, Singapore web design or web application. Basically
it focuses on building the front-end of a web page. There are two basic aspects
to any web page found on the Internet. The first is a presentation that the
user interacts with and the second is the back-end that includes information
for non-human browsers.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the basic markup language which tells
a browser how to present information. A stricter version of HTML is also widely
known as eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML). A web designer is able
to tell a browser how a web page should appear by using HTML or XHTML. It is
gaining popularity in both short and long term as time progresses.

The act of web design Singapore can be quite difficult from the technical point of view
as it has a number of variable factors. All browsers do not interpret HTML according
to the standards created by the standard-setting body, which is known as the
World Wide Web Consortium or WWW. It means that the same piece of web design
may appear completely different in different browsers. So numerous fixes and
workarounds has to be done to avoid browser-specific bugs.

Another problem which may arise in the web design company singapore is the abundance or plethora
of formats in which a sight might be viewed in. In this regard a web designer
must account for different monitor sizes, displaying different settings. So
a web designer needs to work really hard in order to make a web page attractive.
They should also create a layout static enough to allow for the use of images
and other necessarily fixed-size components.

In addition there are some popular languages which are used for dynamic web
design which includes ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion. Mention should also be made
of Macromedia’s Flash which is popular amongst many Singapore web design.

The scope for web designer is virtually limitless. With the arrival and pliable
of Flash and other embedded technologies, it is allowing for a versatility and
dynamism amongst the web designer in challenging their imagination.

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