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Web Designer: Professional vs. Amateur

There are as many “For Business” amateur Singapore web design as there are
professional ones. This article will help you weed them out in no time. First
and foremost a professional web designer provides the following services to their

Completely builds the site with organized content in a contemporary design
layout that’s user friendly.

Implements up-to-date Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Provides full site maintenance for client.

Updates the site on a regular basis.

Redesigns the site every 8 to 12 months with new content and layout.

Provides hosting services or finds a reliable hosting company for client.

Continually researches client’s type of business for online compatibility with
offline business practices.

Keeps client abreast of innovative online business solutions that best fits
their type of business for continued success online.

What an amateur web designer offers their client:

Often web design Singapore a site similar to other sites in the same business category,
prefers to place important content all over the page in an unorganized layout
that’s not user-friendly or may provide clients with online web building tools
to do it themselves.

Implements out-dated Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Provides little maintenance or trains client on how to update content themselves.
Often referred to as the “CUT AND PASTE TUTORIAL” service.

Does not provide their regular clients any redesign services . . . they seem
to have no conception as to why a site once built, needs new content and layout
for “repeat visitor” convenience.

Mostly provides hosting and or web design company singapore services that includes paid training
services in advertising and promotion of web site.

There is also a distinct difference in how a professional web designer advertises
their business as compared to an amateur. A professional designer …

Always lists services available stating that they are a partnership-with-client
orientated business.

Does not use scare tactics in their ads such as: “Did you know that there
are limited options available for getting your business online!” or “Some
other web designer may take your site down for no reason” or “Your
Singapore web design may be hurting your online success!”

Has a company name that does not rely on metaphors from outside the web design
business such as “Your Website Doctor” or “Your Website Co-Pilot”
to try to gain your confidence.

Does not need to offer discounts on services or provide special offers.

One sure thing about a professional web designer is that they get the right
type of client that needs and wants their services. Amateurs will take anyone.
To be perfectly blunt … professional web designers have no competition. There’s
not even the slightest competition with online companies that offer web building
tools or web site generators. Why? One look at at a site built by a non-skilled
individual using such tools will convince you.

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