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Web Design: Use it to Showcase the Message

If you are Singapore web design site for which the achievement of high conversion rates
is a priority, focus your design efforts on showcasing and highlighting the content
and copy.

For sites where conversion rates are a priority, the primary purpose of web design Singapore
should be to present the message in such a way that it delivers the maximum

>> So “good” design doesn’t matter?

That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that design serves a function. For an
entertainment or arts site that primary function may be to present images in
an attractive way. That’s fine.

But for a site that is created to generate sales, the text must come first.
Everything…from the architecture of the site to its design must work towards
supporting your message and delivering people to the final checkout page.

>> Sounds obvious. Why make the point?

I make the point because the presentation of the message is often the last
thing on the minds of web groups.

Web design company singapore are higher on the food chain in these groups. All too often the
writing of the message becomes a secondary consideration. “The site will
look like this. We’ll arrange the pages like this. And by the way, we need someone
to write the words.”

This attitude of “text comes last” is nonsense and it has been from
the day the internet first went commercial.

Hundreds of millions of visitors have always known that their primary need
on arriving at a site is to find the key messages. “Am I in the right place?
Will I find what I want on this site?”

Our visitors know that the words are the most important element on a web site.

Google knows that the words are the most important element on a web site. (Unlikely
aside from the Googlebot: “Cool design. Better rank this page higher.)

The only people who haven’t understood this so far are web group managers and
web designers.

Even marketing people insist on just dropping in for-print-approved text on
their sites, without any thought as to the special needs of the medium. (Would
they create a radio ad simply by using the sound track from their TV commercial?
I don’t think so. Every medium has its own demands when it comes to the words,
the web included.)

>> How to Singapore web design to showcase the message

The first step is to bring the writer in at the beginning. The designer will
find that the writer has a number of priorities and needs in mind. He or she
might say:

“This is the page’s primary message. We need people to really get this
on the first screen.”

“We have three separate audience needs to address here. I need these three
headings to have equal emphasis, preferably on the first screen.”

“This message is just the first step in converting a visitor to a buyer.
We need a strong pathway of three levels before he or she is ready to buy.”

“This sales message is complex, it will take some space and longer copy.
We need to format the text so that people will keep reading. We need strong
subheads, some indented passages and emphasis at the following points.”

Once the writer has outlined the needs of the copy, the designer can then focus
on showcasing the key points in the message, giving the correct emphasis to
the various headings, subheads, body text and links.

The designer’s job here isn’t to make the page “pretty”, it is to
deliver the message with the right emphasis, and with each point in the correct

>> How does a designer know what to do?

In some senses, this is new ground for designers online. Until now, too much
emphasis has been places on design for its own sake, instead of using it to
support the copy on a site’s pages.

If a designer wants to know how this works, he or she should go sit next to
a direct marketing designer/copywriter team while they work.

See how the team communicates. See how the designer listens to the writer and
places a great deal of emphasis on the type. Watch how the designer spends a
lot of time selecting the right font, the right type size and color. See how
a conversion-focused designer pays massive attention to the placement and appearance
of every element of text.

Why? Because in direct marketing the response rates are intimately connected
with the presentation of the copy. It matters where on the page each text element
is placed. The font and its size and emphasis matters. The final formatting
of the text matters.

Online? When you are building pages with a view to maximizing conversion rates,
you become a direct marketer. That means thinking like a direct marketer, writing
like a direct marketer and designing like a direct marketer.

>> Concluding points…

As it stands on the web right now, we have a couple of groups of designers.

There are the general web designers who create beautiful sites, without regard
to how the copy should and can work harder.

And there are the online direct marketing designers who design single page
sales sites that are created to maximize sales.

At some time in the future it would be good to see these two groups learn more
from each other.

It would be good to see the general web designers learn more about increasing
conversion rates by learning some of the skills of the online direct marketing

It would be good to see the online direct marketing designers expand their
skills beyond the scope of single, scrolling sales page.

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