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Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

There’s no denying it, there are a lot of ways to make a website without hiring
a professional. You can do it yourself using an online site building service,
you can install site building software like Dreamweaver, or you can find a tech
savvy friend to do it for cheap or maybe even for free. Why then, with all of
these options, would a business consider hiring a professional Singapore web design?
One of the top priorities of any business is to move potential customers in the
direction of knowing and trusting you right from the start. Your website is often
the first interaction customers have with your business and it’s one of the most
powerful tools available for reaching potential customers. Yet so many business
owners never realize the benefits of getting professional help with their website.
In this article I will offer my top 3 reasons to consider hiring a professional
web designer, I’ll explore why so many businesses choose not to hire one, and
I’ll tell you how you can benefit from this cosmic twist of fate.

Top 3 Reasons to consider hiring a professional web designer

1. Return on investment

I put this reason at the top of the list because I think very often these are
the types of questions first in a business owner’s mind when they consider hiring
a professional for anything, not just web design Singapore. “How much will this cost?
How long will it take? Can I save money by doing it myself or by finding the
cheapest option?” Most people see a website as nothing more than a sign
or business card on the internet, they pay someone to put it up and the job’s
done. So it seems to make sense that if you can put the sign up yourself or
get it done super cheap, so much the better right? Wrong! Your website is your
gateway to reaching more potential customers than you could any other way (without
a big budget). The internet is the most powerful marketing tool there is for
businesses of any size.

It allows you to create a dialogue with your customers and engage with them
on a more personal level. Your website can build you an audience of people that
want to hear from you! Your website is not just a sales soliloquy that you hastily
post on the internet. You don’t want to just throw it together, throw it up
when you think it’s finished, throw your hands up, and hope for the best. Yet
most small businesses do just that. If you build your website yourself, the
bottom line is that you will most likely spend far more time with far fewer
results than if you hired a professional. Most people don’t realize just how
much work it takes to get an effective business website from concept and planning
to running, looking good, and performing well on PCs, Macs, mobile devices,
and the plethora of web browsers that run on each of them.

The point is, it takes time to build a website, even if you’re using the most
amazing online site builder ever made, it’s going to take time. There are only
so many hours in a day and as a business owner, you want to be doing what you
do best, not making websites. Wouldn’t you be much better off spending time
working on your business than on learning a skill you will rarely use? An investment
in your website is an investment in your business. Don’t short yourself.

2. It’s not just a website, it’s your business! – SEO and Social Networks

Building an effective online presence goes far beyond just building a website.
Good quality content that helps someone in some way is by far the best way to
reach more people, increase traffic, and grow your business. Your information
must also be easy to find ( SEO ) and you’ve got to have a presence on social
networking sites if you want to stay in touch with today’s market. All of this
takes time and if you build your website all by yourself, you’re in for some
long hours at the computer. If you don’t do it, your most important customers
may never find you. A business website is not just about a stylish design and
adding some meta keywords for the search engines anymore. Google hasn’t used
meta keywords for years and search engines are continuously advancing in their
ability to find websites with good, useful, relevant content. Any professional
web designer worth their salt will have a solid working knowledge of search
engine optimization (SEO) and how to lay your website out in a clear and concise
way that’s easy to read for both people and search engines. SEO is an entire
field of information in itself and if you build your website yourself, you’ll
most likely spend enough time getting your site online without having to learn
SEO and all of its intricate, “money making” secrets.

If instead you hire the cheapest web design company singapore you can find, you’re likely to
get nothing more than a website and an “all in one” SEO plugin or
some other quick solution. Social networking is another aspect of web design
that cannot be ignored. So you’ve made a website, but is it connected to your
social networking sites? Have you setup your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
pages to match the style and information on your business website? If you want
to have a consistent, professional brand online, your social networking profiles
should look sharp and consistent. It can take hours to go in and setup profiles
on multiple social websites each with pictures, videos, and other information
to fill in. Hours you could be spending on more important things, like running
your business. The point is it’s not just your website, it’s your whole business
and what people are saying about it online! Invest accordingly.

3. Branding

Making a good first impression is a critical factor to success and your website
is often the first interaction between a potential customer and your business.
If even the smallest thing about your website is off, missing, or poorly executed,
you may be creating a bad first impression and driving away potential customers.
Even if your website works great, if it’s not easy to grasp quickly, your potential
customers may get confused and leave. If your site is not optimized to be found
in search engines, they may never even know you exist. These days consumers
are more tech savvy than ever. If you skimp on your website, people will be
able to tell. Some may not know why they don’t like your website, but they’ll
leave and go looking for your competition just the same. How do you think a
cheap website will reflect on your brand? Would you take a business seriously
if their website was built using an online site builder or if it looked hastily
thrown together? If you want to make a good impression, make the commitment
to invest in a quality, professional web design and give your potential customers
something to be excited about!

The Trouble with Singapore web design

With all of these awesome reasons to hire a web designer why do so many businesses
decide not to do it? The trouble with web designers is that most of them are
just web designers. They’re techie people, they’re not marketing people. They’ve
never worked in a sales and marketing environment and easily become preoccupied
with the technical aspects of building a website rather than keeping an eye
on the overall goals and needs of the business owner. Your average web designer
believes the selling is up to you and their job is simply to produce a website.
The result is that many small businesses that don’t have time to learn the intricacies
of web design are easily lured in by the unfeasibly low rates of average web
designers. The designer builds them a website that looks great stylistically,
but it acts as little more than a sign on the internet waiting for random passersby
to see it. This ends up re-enforcing the belief that a website isn’t all that
important and leaves business owners with a false impression of what a website
can really do for them.

How you can benefit

The good news is that the majority of your competition will simply go for the
bargain and leave it at that. They will hire an average web designer or build
their website themselves. They will inevitably suffer the same dismal results
as everyone else who fails to realize the value of an effective website design.
Very few of your competitors will be willing to invest what is necessary for
success. If you do, you can win. This does not mean you need to have a huge
budget and hire a big design team to succeed. It just means that if you’re willing
to go beyond the norm and invest in a professional web design, you’ll be well
ahead of the game.


Most of my web design clients had already tried building their own websites
or paid bottom dollar for a designer before coming to me. Some of them had invested
hours and thousands of dollars in their sites, but all of them eventually realized
the point that I’m making to you now. When it comes to your business website,
it’s well worth it to hire a professional.

If you’d to work with me on your next web design project, check out my website
to learn more about my services.

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