Web design

Become a Web Designer and Get In On the Action

The Internet is changing on a daily, and even a minute-by-minute basis. Every
moment that passes brings new websites, new content, and revamped URLs. It’s exciting,
and you can be a part of it by enrolling in a Singapore web design program. Don’t let the
lightning-fast world of the Internet pass you buy: take a moment to find out about
the career of a web programmer and decide if web design courses are right for

Website design programs will give you all you need to know to work in the field
of web design Singapore immediately upon finishing your studies. Graduates will be able
to create web pages, flash animation, dynamic forms, etc. Students can look
forward to finding employment in traditional companies with an Internet presence,
or internet-based companies. Some of the job titles that graduates would be
qualified to apply for once they’ve completed their program include:

· web design Singapore

· Website developer

· Internet site designer

· Intranet site designer

Because of the complexity of websites in today’s world, website design courses
are very comprehensive. Students learn the technical skills of the field, including
programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript. They also learn the “soft
skills” needed to design websites that are ergonomic, pleasing to the eye,
easy to navigate, and inviting. Website design courses also teach students how
to use the standard programs of the discipline, including Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver,
Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Fireworks.

web design company singapore courses typically cover the following topics. Because of the
highly dynamic nature of the web, however, these topics can change from semester
to semester.

· Colour theory

· Web development with PHP

· Introduction to Flash basics

· Typography fundamentals

· Introduction to HTML

· Introduction to CSS essentials

· Information design

· Singapore web design


· JavaScript

· Marketing 101

· Sales 101

· Web graphics using fireworks

· Web portfolio design

· Web practical simulation

· Workplace success and “intrapreneurship”

Instructors for web design programs are always very experienced, and ready
to share their knowledge of the field with students. Instruction usually emphasises
practical learning, to ensure that students graduate feeling completely comfortable
with the tools of the trade. Furthermore, instructors giving web design courses
will often bring up recent events in the web world as a way to position the
skills being taught to students.

If you want to be part of the Internet world, and you think you’d enjoy being
involved in the building, improvement, and maintenance of websites, consider
enrolling in a web design program. It just might be a great career choice for

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