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Web Design – Five Simple Steps to Follow

1. Flashy Pages: unwanted Distractions

Most of Singapore web design feel the need to create stylish splash pages that do
nothing but create a barrier which stops web users in their tracks and forces
them to make the unnecessary decision of whether to push forward to the home
page or to leave your website forever. These “website introductions”
are typically short Flash-based movies that showcase the web designer’s flash
design skill set, yet offer the web user nothing but a distraction. Flash animations
are so common these days that it’s almost impossible to actually impress a web
user with a Flashy page. The main goal of any website design should be to either
deliver the web user what they want or to get the web user to perform an action.
a flashy page only slows down this process and should be avoided at all time.

2. Banner Advertisements: Less Is More

When it comes to the strategic placement of banner advertising, the old proverb
“less is more” needs to be applied to web design. A single successful
banner advertisement is more profitable and valuable then a whole bunch of banner
advertisements that get minimal click-through. The harder it is to secure a
single banner advertisement space, the more appealing it becomes to advertisers.
it’s best to try and fill space with useful content. Another tip is to surround
your banner advertisements with as much useful content as possible; this will
also make the space more appealing to potential advertisers.

3. Navigation: Is The Important Key

The fastest Bike in the world is useless if no-one knows to drive it. The same
goes for websites. Website owners can choose to invest thousands in web design,
logo design, flash design, splash pages, funky animations and a whole host of
other aesthetic goodies to make the site look fantastic, but if web users cannot
navigate around the site to consume the content or purchase products, then the
whole website fails to achieve its goals. In web design company singapore when it comes to designing
effective navigation it’s best to keep it as simple as possible. Once again,
web designers will often go overboard and design navigation menus that include
flash animations, multi-tiered dropdowns and a whole host of other unnecessary
additions that only work to distract the user, instead of helping them navigate
around the website. Navigation is the key that unlocks good website design

4. Coding: Never Copy & Paste

Amateur web designers will often copy and paste code from various websites
and compile their website like its Frankenstein. When an error occurs, the web design Singapore doesn’t know how to fix it because they didn’t write the code. Web
designers must then sit down and waste time working out what each piece of code
does, before discovering the error and then rectifying it. During this time
it’s the web users who suffer, as they sit through error after error. Although
writing the code from scratch causes longer initial development stages and may
cost more in the short term, it will save you a lot of time in the long run
if any errors do happen to occur. As mentioned above, errors need to be avoided,
whatever the cost. Before seeking professionals to do your website design or
flash design, always run double-checks to see how much of the code they are
actually writing. If the web design agency is copying code from within their
own web design / flash design team, then there is nothing to worry about because
someone in the agency will know what to do if a problem arises or they typically
have an FAQ that can be easily referenced. The only time you should worry is
if the code is copied from an external website.

5. Consistency: Way To Success

Regardless of size, every website should remain consistent to ensure the web
user knows exactly where they are and where to look at all times. This applies
to everything from simple navigation links to the location of help menus. The
goal should be to make the web user familiar with all aspects of your website,
from the colours used in the design to the overall layout. Some web designers,
who are often pressured by management to create a variety of Singapore web design, feel
the need to experiment with different colour schemes and website layouts within
a single website, but this does nothing but confuse the web user by causing
disorientation. Only break consistency when the website is receiving a complete

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