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Gain Credibility With Custom Web Design

Why not just do a cheaper template based Singapore web design for my business?

It is easy to understand why small business owners are attracted to the idea
of a simple website based on a generic template. Many business owners feel pressured
to have at least some form of Web presence and often look for a simple and cheap
alternative to a professionally designed website.

However, if you are serious about developing a credible and profitable Web
presence, you need to consider the following:

1) The visual impact of your site on potential customers:

Various large studies conducted by Stanford Web Credibility Research have yielded
the following:

We find that a broad range of design decisions – ranging from visual elements
to information architecture to the use of advertisements – can powerfully influence
whether visitors are likely to find a site credible. Like human communicators,
Web sites benefit (or suffer) based upon their appearance. . . We find that
people quickly evaluate a site by visual web design company singapore alone. When designing your site,
pay attention to layout, typography, images, consistency issues, and more.

The bottom-line: Quality custom web design dramatically increases your credibility
on the web design Singapore. It’s really that simple.

2) The advantage of hiring a professional to design your site:

Even if you have some basic HTML training or experience, you should hire a
Web professional if:

1. You do not want to learn the many Web Design and Usability Guidelines for
good Web design.

2. You are unfamiliar with Web Standards, or the varied needs of different
web browsers.

3. You do not understand Search Engine Optimization.

4. You do not want to spend a lot of your valuable time working on your web

3) The need for picking the right professional for your needs:

The Web services industry is very competitive. With so many firms and freelancers
to chose from, selecting the right professional for your Web project can become
a daunting task. Here are three suggestions to keep in mind when looking for
a Web designer:

1. Skill. Make sure that your prospective Web professional has the right skills
for your project. Ask questions. Do a little research. Check out their portfolio.

2. Communication. Web professionals are people, not computers. To develop a
Web site that meets the expectations of yourself and your customers, you need
to find a Web pro that you can easily and comfortably communicate with. Communication
= Shared Expectations = Success.

3. Be objective and use your critical thinking abilities when interviewing
prospective Web pros. Choosing a web professional is much like choosing a Doctor.
Your needs and temperament must mesh with the skills, knowledge and temperament
of the professional you chose.

Because I am a Web professional myself, I am confident that after you compare
my services to my competition you will chose me for your Singapore web design needs. Whoever
you choose, you can feel comfortable that you’re making the right decision to
develop a branded, custom website that will help you gain credibility and trust
on the Web.

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