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Why Are Web Designers Using Joomla?

Joomla has taken the web design industry with a storm. Joomla is one of the leading
content management systems in the world. A content management system is a software
that allows a website owner to update the website content themselves without prior
Singapore web design or technical skills. Joomla has seen a steady increase in demand as
organisations require websites that can be updated on a frequent basis.

Today it is a common practice for businesses to demand websites that can be
updated in-house without specialist technical skills. Businesses today understand
the importance of content on a website and its impact on search engine ranking.
Businesses require complete control over the content on their website and require
a system that will allow them to make regular updates. Joomla allows web design
companies to meet this challenge by providing powerful content management capabilities
to web design Singapore.

Joomla provides a competitive advantage

By offering customers websites built with Joomla, a web design company singapore company can
gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Joomla enables a web design
company to design websites that are rich with many powerful features which in
turn allows businesses to add value to their web presence.

Cost effective and scalable

Joomla has become popular with web design companies all over the world who
are using Joomla to design powerful yet easy to use websites for businesses
small or large. Joomla enables web designers to provide customers with a powerful
and cost effective solution which is easily scalable to future enhancements.

Web designers can use Joomla equally effectively for smaller businesses who
have limited budgets. Singapore web design can use Joomla to develop powerful dynamic
websites in a cost effective manner. Web designers are able to develop dynamic
websites that would have otherwise been out of reach for smaller due to high
cost of development.

Open Source

Joomla is free open source software. Open source software provides web designers
and software developers with complete flexibility to modify and enhance the
system to suit specific requirements of a business. It does not limited designers
and developer in any way who have full control over the code.

Joomla is Easy to use

Joomla is easy to understand and use. Unlike many other web and software applications,
Joomla is easy to install and use. It can be hosted easily on most web hosting
infrastructure. Web designers without knowledge of programming are also able
to use Joomla with ease.

Joomla has an established community on the Internet

Joomla has a large established community on the internet. Information and tutorials
are easy to find and there are many specialist blogs and forums that cater to
the Joomla web design and development community. Resources are easy to find
and access on the internet. The wide availability of a large selection of free
add-on modules and components for Joomla further offers the opportunity to include
many new features. A web designer can save time by using add-on modules and
components to offer new powerful features on websites.

The time saved can be used to focus on other important issues that would have
otherwise been overlooked. With practice Joomla can significantly reduce the
development time of a project.

Joomla has been developed by experienced web designers and programmers who
have already addressed most important factors into the software. Vital security
and design issues have also been addressed and incorporated.

Training and resources are easily available

There are many tutorials and developer documentation freely available for use
online. Web design companies find it easy to train their team in Joomla with
the help of such readily available resources. There are many active Forums and
Blogs specific to Joomla where technical queries can be posted and a quick response
or support is usually available free of charge.

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