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Fixed Or Liquid – Which Layout is Meant For Your Web Design?

There are two ways you can choose the right layout for your Singapore web design – either
fixed web designing layout or liquid layout. The fixed width layouts are those
wherein entire Singapore web design is fixed with particular numerical value. On the other
hand, liquid layouts indicate to those web pages of which width is flexible and
depend upon the width of visitors’ browsers. Both types of layouts are applicable
depending upon the requirements; however, you must understand suitability of them
to apply in your web design. Therefore, let us understand benefits and limitation
of these two types of web designing layouts for taking the right decision in your
web site design.

Fixed Width Layouts

Fixed web design layouts are fixed with specific size and value by web designers.
Therefore, the width remains intact regardless of the size of any browser and
window the viewer is viewing the page with. These fixed layouts enable web design company singapore
to gain total control over the viewing of the web page in particular situations.
Mainly designers having a printing background are most likely to incline on
this typical layout as this allow them to perform perfection and minute adjustments
that they are most specific about and fixing view of their web pages regardless
to the browsers, systems etc.

Liquid Layouts

On the other hand, liquid designing layouts refer to those layouts that vary
in percentages according to the size of the browser window. Such values of the
layout presented in percentage keep on changing with the window size with varying
window size of the browser. This is mostly useful when viewers alter the browser
size as they are viewing any web page. With liquid web design [http://www.nextgenwebsols.com/web-design.html]
layout, designers can more efficiently utilise the space on any browser window
and screen resolution as the size tends to flex with the change on size. Moreover,
being a web design Singapore designed with liquid width layout can be more consistent to
the browser in displaying the content [when there is too much information] despite
the fact that whoever is accessing the page.

Remember that the choice you make between these two will create an impact on
your audience’s ability to view and read contents, scanning the contents in
a page, appearance and overall use of your web site. Along with these, you’re
chosen the layout style affect in your marketing efforts, branding and total
aesthetics of the site.

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