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Web Design – Is It An Art?

Web design is an art. There’s no question about that. The question is: how many
Singapore web design designed by real web designers are out there? With the amount of crap
that purely invades the Internet and suffocates the users nowadays, there are
serious reasons to doubt that web design is an art in its own right.

So called Singapore web design create terrible made for AdSense sites, or those awful
personal pages that have nothing to say. But the Internet is a World and you
should expect to find, as in the real world, tones of nonsense and digital rubbish.
Such websites have no real value, are full of grammatical errors, respect no
design techniques, blend colors, fonts and graphics irrationally, display flashy
banners, annoying gifs and so on. Sites like these make people believe that
it is OK to put up a website even if it is lousy. Anyone can start a website,
but, can anyone design a website? Obviously not, since new websites appear online
every day that are not good at all.

web design Singapore combines traditional arts with technical skills. A web designer
is not just a web coder: he or she is an artist able to understand the value
of image and other visual elements, and knows what impact these might have on
the viewers. The web design company singapore works with images and words to create the perfect
web layout. To create unique websites, the kind of websites that really add
value to the World Wide Web, skilled web designers use various tools. They might
retouch pictures and graphics or create astonishing images using programs such
as Photoshop, Illustrator, Jasic Paint, Photo Impact and so on. They might use
3D software or Flash to design dramatic layouts that will transport the visitors
into another world. No matter what tools they employ, professional web designers
create functional, astonishing web pages.

Don’t believe that web design, as an art, is not for business, corporate or
informative websites. As a matter of fact they need it the most. While business
and informational websites don’t need to be artistic, they need to inspire.
Corporate websites need clear designs, simple layouts so that any visitor could
access the information fast and understand the purpose of the website. To create
a website that sends the right message and develops brand awareness in an agreeable
manner is an art. A good website can sell a service or products, but this doesn’t
mean that its appearance should fade. Compare a website to a car: you need it
to transport your visitors through a space full of information. You don’t want
them to be bored by what you have to offer. You want to entertain them, to mesmerize
their minds, to make them come back. What it will be: a Hollywood like limousine
or a second hand car? Yes, it’s true: it’s not the car that matters, but the
ride. However, when you travel in an uncomfortable seat you might not enjoy
the ride. And doesn’t anyone dream for a first-class ticket?

After all this being said, you do not have to hire a web designer to build
a great site in today’s online world. Web design is an art, but with the advent
of the new high power website builders, anyone can create a high quality website
for a fraction of the cost of hiring a web designer. This is especially true
of web building programs that are template driven.

Online web building programs using this “template driven” technology
allow the user to make their website using professionally designed templates.
This means the “art” of web design has already been done. The user
simply chooses their template, adds their own content and photos, and in a matter
of hours or days, a HIGH QUALITY website is created!

Don’t be fooled. Not all website builders are the same. Make sure you use a
website builder that includes ecommerce capabilities without an additional charge.
One such program is HighPowerSites.

In conclusion: You can hire a skilled, talented web designer to create your
business website but you will pay a high price as web designers are not cheap.
Or you can use a top notch web building program for a fraction of the cost.
You’ll need to pay the price for either one, but high quality websites don’t
come cheap. If you are serious about doing business online, you should invest
in your website. The future belongs to those that provide for quality on the
World Wide Web.

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